Airborne Wind Turbines:

Clean, Consistent and Cost-Effective Energy

Swept Area Comparison

The power output of a wind generator is proportional to the area swept by the rotor - i.e. double the swept area = double the energy it can capture (power).

The concept of swept area is the key to extracting energy from the wind. The larger the swept area, the greater the amount of energy that is available to the system. Our system sweeps through a large amount of area - as much as eight times that of a relatively-sized surface-based turbine.

Energy Comparison

Size and swept area comparison.

Capacity Comparison

A comparison between the energy output potential of a 2 MW conventional turbine operating at 120 m (400 ft) and a 2 MW Joby Energy airborne wind turbine operating at 600 m (2,000 ft) shows a significant improvement in capacity factor. Our airborne wind turbine yields a capacity factor of nearly double the conventional turbine.

Energy Comparison

Energy Output Potential: Joby Energy airborne wind turbine (76%) vs. conventional turbine (42%).

Capital Costs

The Joby Energy system results in significant cost savings because our 2 MW airborne wind turbine produces the energy equivalent of two 2 MW conventional turbines and requires approximately 1/20th of the materials.

Energy Comparison

Comparison of energy output.